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What will I need to provide for my attorney in the event I decide to pursue my case?

You will need to provide your attorney with:

-The product itself (if possible)

-Information about where you purchased it

-Any manuals or other material that came with the product

-Pictures of the product and where the injury occured (if possible)

-Other similar products or exemplars used needed to use the product you were injured with (if possible)

-Copies of all warnings, instructions, and warranties that came with the product or its packaging

-Copies of your medical records

-Time that you missed for work

-Receipts for any property damge (cleaning bills, receipts for damaged clothing)

-Begin a journal and document everything

-Details of what occurred
-What was said by any witnesses
-Your injuries, the pain and feelings you experience due to your injuries
-Time you had to take off work
-Time spent talking with the insurance company as well as your lawyer
-Effects of the injuries on your family

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