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Southern California Car Accident Attorney

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Road accidents in Southern California involving cars, motorcycles, trucks, busses, cyclists and pedestrians sadly happen every day and many victims have turned to San Diego-based car crash attorney Keith J. Stone for help.

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What needs to be done immediately after the accident, with respect to medical care, police, insurance company forms, witnesses, insurance claims, questionnaires and issues of comparative fault?

5 Steps to Take After Your Car Accident

Do you know enough about the serious injuries sustained in your accident, like lacerations, traumatic brain injury (TBI) and spinal cord injuries, fractures, burns, neck injuries? What about accidents affecting children (in terms of growth plates)? And do you know what the long term affects will be on your health? What are the doctors telling you about your prognosis or future medical condition? Will these injuries affect your ability to work or provide an income to your family?

Is the other driver or person at fault causing you harm? Do you have a police report or witness report to support your claim? Do you need the assistance of an auto accident reconstruction expert or human fractures expert to assist you in pursuing your claim?

Have you filled out the various forms that are being mailed to you from your own health insurance company, the other driver’s auto insurance company and the medical collection companies? How do you respond to these?

What about past medical costs, future medical costs, a life care plan, loss of income, and compensation for your pain, suffering, duress and anxiety? Are there aggravating circumstances regarding this case? Was the other driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol?

Can you settle your case without going to court? How do you deal with the ever mounting medical bills and other bills stemming from your injury case?

…the questions go on and on.

In this regard, call Keith J. Stone before you call anyone else! Car crash attorney Keith J. Stone can help you and will certainly guide you in finding others who can assist in your situation.

We want to make the process a little bit easier on you. Consulting a lawyer may not seem like the most appealing option at this point, but auto accident attorney Keith J. Stone can take the burden off of you. Here is why you should call him today:

Hands-on approach: we find practical solutions and immediate help, go to the scene, contact witnesses, retrieve the police report, propose and suggest medical experts who may be able to assist you. We can help you focus on getting better in terms of following your doctor’s advice and take the stress of the claims and the process off of your shoulders.

Clarity: we try not to use legalese when talking to you. As mentioned before, car crash attorney Keith J. Stone maintains a personal approach to every case and ensures that you are kept updated and informed.

Support: Attorney Keith J. Stone will allow you to focus on you and your family’s recovery after a car crash by handling your injury claim and lawsuit. Keith Stone’s team of San Diego auto accident lawyers have the experience needed to obtain the best possible resolution of your claim and/or case. Once you retain the Law Offices of Keith J. Stone, you have all of our support!

If you select our law firm, we will work together as a team.

San Diego-based car crash attorney Keith J. Stone has successfully fought for the rights of hundreds of Southern California victims of car, truck and motorcycle accidents caused by the negligence or recklessness of someone else.

Call Keith Stone now at (619) 531-2022 for a FREE, NO COMMITMENT evaluation of your case, or send us an email with your questions.

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