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What type of damages can I recover?

It is possible to recover four types of damages from a products liability cases:

Compensatory damages- these are to compensate you for the cost of medical bills, the money you lost from the time you had to take off of work, the cost it will take you to care for your disability if your injury has altered your lifestyle, and the cost of any property damage caused by the product.
Pain and suffering- these are damages for the pain or loss of enjoyment of life caused by your injury. Pain and suffering can include anxiety, scars, fear, duress, as well as pain.
Loss of consortium- these are to compensate you in the event your injuries have had a negative affect on your relationship with your spouse. Your may be able to recover these damages as well.
Punitive damages- these are awarded in such cases when the defendant’s conduct was so outrageous that the courts or jury will issue these damages as an extra punishment.

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