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"I wanted to let you know that I just got back from Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina. And this Sunday at 2 o’clock in Laughlin I am going to get married to Ricky. And I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart you made a whole lot of dreams come true. I just wanted to tell you and your staff fine, very fine job, you made some people very happy! The settlement you obtained for us changed our lives…. Thank you" — Gerielyn, Truck Accident
"I’ve been meaning to write to you to say thank you for helping Theo and Maegan get some compensation for the trauma they went through. Can’t erase the emotional and physical pain they endured but this is a nice ‘payback’ to get him started in his young adult life. I never would have thought we had a chance for this. So thank you SO much and our best wishes to you and your family!" — Clare Witt and Theo
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