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Three Important Pieces of Evidence Needed to Build a Strong San Diego Premises Liability Claim

Being the victim of a San Diego slip-and-fall accident on public or private property can feel embarrassing. Chances are the accident was not your fault, so dismiss those feelings of embarrassment. Due to the fact that a large number of slips and falls in San Diego are not the fault of the victim, a claim […]

Slip and Fall Hazards for the Elderly

Slips and falls are common in the elderly community.  Falls are the leading cause of death in people 65 and older.  As people get older, bones in the human body lose density and as a result have less resistance to stress and break or fracture easier.  This is why hip and pelvis fractures are very common with […]

Suspected Drunk Driver On Coronado Bridge Crashes Car; 3 Hurt

The crash prompted a shutdown of the Coronado Bridge in both directions early Monday. SAN DIEGO, CA — A suspected drunken driver headed the wrong way on the San Diego-Coronado Bridge crashed her car into two pickup trucks, injuring all three drivers and prompting a shutdown of the bridge in both directions early today. San […]

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