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How to use Images to Document your Car Accident

man and woman arguing after car accidentWere you recently involved in an accident? Providing photographic evidence can be one of the valuable things for proving a car accident claim. So you must document your accident with images, right. In this article, we share some helpful tips on capturing photos of your car accident and when is the best time to share them with your attorney. For instance, when you consult the Law Offices Of Keith J. Stone, you will need to send pictures of your car accident as proof. They will go through all of them and decide which one to use for your case. 

Why does using images matter?

Taking images of the accident scene may be beneficial in several ways. First, you can use pictures of your car accident to persuade your insurance company. Or when the other driver issues a contradictory statement. In those situations, photographic evidence will serve as indisputable proof of what contributed to the accident. For instance, if the roads were slippery, you can use photographic evidence to prove why you lost control of your car. 

It is always advisable to take as many photographs as possible. Once you send all the photographic evidence to San Diego, a personal injury attorney will look at the pictures and reconstruct how the accident happened. This way, they will argue your case in a court of law, and win it. 

What kind of images of your accident should you take?

When you take images of your accident, your aim should be to document evidence, not blood and guts. You will be using your camera to collect evidence that you and your attorney will be present in court. You do not take pictures for your social media platform or for friends to pity you. It would be best to capture images of the license plates of all vehicles involved in an accident, damages, injuries, weather conditions, skid marks, collision points, and witnesses. If you have sustained injuries, a personal injury attorney San Diego CA may use some of them to prove your case.

Focus on taking this kind of image:

Please contact San Diego personal injury attorney if you have any questions. They have been helping clients for years, and they are here to support you with your accident case. 

When to share images of your accident with your attorney?

You can share images of your accident immediately after alerting your attorney about your accident. Your San Diego car accident lawyer will then use the images to reconstruct the accident scene and build up evidence. Your attorney will then help you seek the full compensation that you deserve from the insurance company. You can share all the images via Dropbox or Google Drive. Contact a San Diego accident attorney today, and they will use all your images to build a strong case.

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