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Common Car Accident Injuries

woman in a car accidentCommon Car Accident Injuries

Driving is an essential part of modern life and most of the time something you don’t spend much time thinking about. Unfortunately, if you have to drive to and from work every day your odds of being in an automobile accident greatly increase. An auto accident can occur for many reasons, including speeding, lack of awareness, bad weather, bad road conditions, mechanical failures, and simply getting distracted.

No matter the cause your well-being is of utmost importance a Car Accident Injury Attorney San Diego can help. If you’ve been injured in a car accident and need a San Diego San Diego Car Accident injury attorney we can provide the legal advice and experience you need. At the Law Offices Of Keith J. Stone, we’ve been helping people like you get the compensation you deserve for injuries, care, and pain and suffering since 1986.

Common Car Accident Injuries

When you’re in an automobile accident many injuries can occur and even if they seem minor at first can lead to expensive long-term treatment. If you’ve sustained any of the below injuries you should contact a Car Accident Injury Attorney for advice as soon as you can.

Cuts and Lacerations: automobile accidents can easily cause various cuts ranging from simple scratches to deep lacerations requiring professional medical treatment such as stitches to treat. The force of impact, striking your steering wheel, airbag impact, and shattered glass can all lead to cuts or lacerations.

Broken Bones: the force of impact and crumpling of your car can lead to broken bones. The most common broken bones in automobile accidents are the legs (femur, tibia, hips), ribs, skull fractures, back fractures, arm breaks, and others.

Head, Neck, and Spinal Injuries: your head, neck, and back are often violently jerked and placed under extreme force in a car accident. In addition to broken bones, other injuries such as concussions, whiplash, herniated discs, and other soft tissue damage can occur. If you struck your head you should contact an accident lawyer San Diego even if you think you’re OK as concussions can take time to cause symptoms and they can be severe.

Paralysis and Nerve Damage: the worst car accidents can cause injuries that are permanent such as those that damage the nervous system. Paralysis can leave you in a wheelchair or a quadriplegic. Nerve damage may not be as total but can still impact your daily life by reducing your range of motion, making walking difficult, causing tingling to the fingertips, and other long-term issues that can be life-altering.

Internal Bleeding and Organ Damage: sudden impact can cause internal damage that can be life-threatening and require immediate medical care, surgery, and inpatient treatment to address. Internal bleeding such as brain bleeds and broken blood vessels require immediate treatment. Organs that can be damaged include the spleen, lungs, stomach, liver, and kidneys. Such injuries often require surgery and in some cases organ transplants. Organ damage can be debilitating and you should speak with an Accident Attorney in San Diego if you’ve been hurt.

How a Lawyer Can Help You

If you’ve been in an accident you should contact a San Diego Injury Accident Attorney as soon as possible. Automobile accidents can greatly disrupt your life, and even mild injuries can lead to a great deal of personal stress. Dealing with insurance companies, law enforcement, and associated expenses such as medical care and lost wages can seem like too much to handle. That’s where we can assist you. When you need a Car Accident Lawyer in San Diego reach out to us today at 619-531-2022 or if you prefer email at to discuss your injury and how we can help you get the compensation you deserve.


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