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Bus Accident Injuries and Recovery

broken in an accident the bus is in the Parking lotWhile buses are a common form of transportation in San Diego, accidents can and do happen. MTS-Bus, a public transportation provider in San Diego, operates bus routes throughout the region. The MTS-Bus has 103 bus routes in San Diego with 4182 bus stops.

If you have been injured in a bus accident in California, the Law Offices of Keith J. Stone is here to help. As one of the recognized San Diego personal injury attorneys, we have extensive experience in complex California bus accident cases and can help you navigate the path to recovery.

Common Bus Accident Injuries

Injuries sustained in bus accidents range from minor to life-altering. Here are some of the most common injuries victims might face:

If you have been injured in a bus accident in California, seek medical attention immediately. It is also important to understand your legal rights and consider speaking to an attorney to protect your interests.

Considerations When Handling Bus Accident Injury Claims

California bus accident claims can be complex, especially if the bus was operated by a government entity. There are specific laws and deadlines you must be aware of:

Bus accident injury claims, especially those involving government-run buses, require careful attention to complex laws and deadlines. Do not attempt to handle the process on your own. Consulting with an experienced San Diego personal injury attorney as soon as possible is vital.

What You Can Recover for Your Bus Accident Injury

If you were injured in a bus accident due to another party’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for:

Bus accident injuries can upend your life, both physically and financially. A successful bus accident claim can provide you with essential resources while you focus on healing.

How a Bus Accident Attorney Can Help

The aftermath of a bus accident is overwhelming. A skilled San Diego personal injury attorney can:

If you or a loved one has suffered bus accident injuries, bus accident recovery can be a long and difficult road; do not face it alone. The Law Offices of Keith J. Stone will provide compassionate representation and fight for the bus accident compensation you deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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