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What are Common Delayed Injuries After a Car Accident

injured black woman after bad car accidentWalking away from a car accident doesn’t mean you are okay. Car accidents involve heavy machinery impacting, and often this impact is at a significant speed. While a passenger may walk away from a crash, that doesn’t mean everything is fine. Oftentimes adrenaline and the shock of the situation can cause an injury, or complications may develop later.

The Law Offices of Keith J. Stone have worked with many clients with delayed injuries, and here are the signs you need to know about.

Common Delayed Injuries

You might not realize that it’s very common to have pain after car accident delayed. The reasons for these symptoms can vary, but in many cases, this is related to the swelling that can happen post-injury. Thinking of this simply, if you sprain an ankle running, it hurts but often doesn’t swell significantly until after the initial twisting motion.

Car accidents also don’t always display the results of the injury in the first five or fifteen minutes, and the complications from twists,¬† tears, and swelling will definitely become known over time. Delays may also be caused by the simple excitement of the accident. While not a happy excitement, shock can mask other injuries, drawing your attention away from existing harm until you slow down and have a moment to calm down as well.

Common types of delayed car accident injuries can include whiplash, back and neck injuries, shoulder injuries, and concussion.

Common Symptoms of Delayed Injuries

After car accident symptoms can vary from a minor annoyance to a severe and lasting injury. No matter what the severity, know that your physical health matters, and a San Diego car accident lawyer is here to listen and help you become whole again.

Common symptoms after an accident can relate to the motion of swinging suddenly and stopping short on impact. This can cause neck strain and potential spinal cord injuries, including bulging disks and hernias.

Common Causes of Delay

Impact injuries can also be common after a car accident.

Concussions occur when the brain impacts the skull and causes swelling and damage, and can easily occur without a visible bump or “goose egg”. Traumatic brain injuries should always be taken seriously due to potentially harmful consequences to your overall health.

You may also sustain injury from the seatbelt itself as it locks to keep you from greater harm. Torn rotator cuffs and even fractured collarbones can occur as your shoulder take the strain of impacts.

Impact injuries may not display initially, but many cannot heal correctly on their own without the support of a medical professional.

Making a Claim

Making a claim can help you manage the consequences of San Diego accidents. A claim is your legal tool to allow you to seek compensation for your pain, medical care, and loss of wages. Legal claims are your path to getting cash settlements to compensate you for your struggles, but the other party’s insurance company isn’t likely to make this an easy process.

Auto insurers employ expert adjusters whose job is to get things settled for the insurer. When making a claim, you’ll need an expert who is working exclusively for you.

An attorney knows how to “cross the t’s and dot the i’s” in any of the lengthy legal forms required to make your case. An attorney can help examine the evidence and plead your case about why you deserve money — and deserve it today.

We’re here to listen and provide you with professional guidance on your injuries after an accident. Contact your car accident lawyer San Diego CA ¬†today!

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