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Motorcycle Safety: Road Hazards to Look Out For

motorcycle accidentMotorcyclists have a reputation for being rebellious, but the truth is they can (and should be) as law-abiding and courteous as anyone on the road. Because a motorcyclist is not surrounded by an iron frame for protection, they must be active in following safety protocol to keep safe. Unfortunately, motorcyclists are highly over-represented in vehicular accidents. In 2020, 5,458 motorcycle fatalities were reported. It’s the highest number ever recorded. The Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorneys San Diego share how to keep from being a statistic.

Safety Tips

While this article is a good start, you should take a safety course to learn all the rules of the road. Slippery roads are dangerous so check the weather before you go out. Leather doesn’t just look cool; it’s also the safest thing you can wear on a motorcycle, along with a DOT approved helmet. Give your bike a quick safety inspection before heading out. Going the speed limit and using turn signals is not only polite but safe. Avoid the blind spot of other drivers and wear reflective clothing. Don’t tailgate. Should an accident happen anyway, it’s a good idea to have a first aid kit with your bike and then call an accident lawyer San Diego for help.

Road Hazards for Motorcyclists to Watch For. 

One of the most important safety tips for the motorcyclist is to watch out for hazards on the road. These can be natural or manmade hazards. Both require attention.

Natural Hazards

– Weather

Slippery snow and ice can be even more dangerous for a motorcycle than an automobile. Driving through a puddle of standing water can cause hydroplaning. Leaves may be slick with mud and water and can be dangerous to drive on. Potholes are caused by a combination of years of weather damage and human neglect.

– Debris on the road

Gravel can be hard on a motorcycle, especially when turning. Rocks and fallen branches can be a bigger hazard for motorcycles than automobiles.


Guess which animal causes over two hundred deaths a year in the United States. It’s not bears. It’s not alligators. It’s not cougars. It’s deer. Deer run out in the middle of the street and cause vehicular accidents. Be especially careful in dawn and dusk hours when deer are most active.

Manmade Hazards

– Railroad crossing

Even if you stop, look and listen like you’re supposed to, railway crossings can be tricky for motorcyclists. If the tires get caught in a track, that can cause a crash. Wood and metal can get particularly slippery when wet.

– Road connections

Edge breaks might be virtually undetectable by someone in an automobile but can be quite the problem for someone on a motorcycle. Bridge joints can also be difficult for a motorcyclist to navigate.

– Odds and Ends

If items are not sufficiently secured to a vehicle, they can fall off and be a hazard to anyone on the road. Oil spillage can make the road extra slippery and dangerous to navigate. If another driver is distracted by a cell phone or intoxicated, that can spell trouble for everyone.

Other Drivers and Motorists on your Road

Motorcycle operators are often very safe and careful. Despite their best efforts it’s the other drivers who are in a hurry, texting, chatting, and doing all kinds of things except looking out for you. Try to keep a safe cushion around your bike.

How an Attorney Can Help

If you are looking for a motorcycle accident lawyer in San Diego, contact the law office of Keith J. Stone. He will help you in determining your insurance coverage and analyze evidence to determine who was at fault. This San Diego motorcycle accident attorney will guide you in discovering your legal rights and maybe help you get compensation. Keith J. Stone is an accident attorney in San Diego who will fight for your legal rights. This San Diego injury accident attorney knows how serious injuries can get in a motorcycle accident and can get you compensation for another’s negligence.



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