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Baby on Board: Precautionary Steps to Take to Keep your Baby Safe while driving

baby on board Driving your car becomes more of a challenge once you have a baby. You have this new little life that you need to protect, and there are some things that you should do differently when you are driving with an infant in the car. Here are some precautionary steps that you should take in order to keep your baby safe while driving.

Make Sure The Baby’s Car Seat Is Installed Correctly 

There may come a time to where you are in a car accident and have to seek the assistance of San Diego Personal Injury Attorneys. It’s imperative that your baby is as safe as possible if you are in a car accident. This is why you need to make sure that your infant’s car seat is installed properly. Make sure that it doesn’t wiggle at all when you try to move it around. It should be securely attached to the seat at all times. The car seat should also be age appropriate. Your infant shouldn’t be in a car seat that’s too big or too small for them.

Get Rid Of Distractions

Many drivers are distracted these days. They may not give driving their full attention as they are busy worrying about texts, Bluetooth, or a ringing phone. When you also bring a crying baby into the mix, you may end up involved in an accident and need to contact a San Diego Personal Injury Attorney. This is why it’s necessary to get rid of these distractions. Most mobile phones have a mode to let others know you are driving and not available. If not, it’s good idea to turn your ringer off, and leave your phone in your purse or glove compartment to limit distractions while you are driving. All of them can wait until later.

Be A Defensive Driver 

Unfortunately, a lot of people aren’t great at driving. They are either distracted or make careless mistakes. You need to be on the lookout for these types of drivers, or you will end up needing to contact a San Diego personal injury lawyer because you are in a car accident. To lessen the likelihood of this happening, you need to be a defensive driver. If it doesn’t come naturally to you, there are numerous classes that you can take in order for you to improve your driving skills. You may be able to complete some of these classes online.

Don’t Unbuckle Yourself To Soothe Your Baby

Even if you are a passenger in the car, you could still be doing some things to put you or your baby in harm’s way. Some parents will unbuckle themselves in order to soothe their baby when they are crying. If you do get into a car accident, you could wind up with serious injuries because you didn’t have your seat belt on. If your baby needs to be soothed, have the driver pull over. Don’t unbuckle yourself until the car is in park.

Having a baby brings with it a lot more responsibilities. This includes when you are driving in the car with them. 

If You Should Need Assistance 

By utilizing the above tips, you can lessen the likelihood of being hurt in a car accident and needing a San Diego car accident attorney. However, you may find yourself in a car accident even if you take necessary precautions. If you need a car accident or Personal Injury Attorney in San Diego, contact the Law Offices of Keith J. Stone. We can meet with you to discuss the details of the incident, and we can go over the next steps that you may be able to take. Don’t go through this trying time alone. We are here to help you.

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