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I Was Injured in an Accident, What Do I Do Next?

injured in an accidentIf you have been injured in an accident, then there are important steps you should take. By following these suggestions, you will improve your chances of successfully recovering a settlement to compensate you for your injuries. A Car Accident Attorney in San Diego from the Law Offices of Keith J. Stone can discuss with you the options that are available. Following are some suggestions on what you should do after being injured in an accident.


1. Contact law enforcement

Many car accidents are not reported to the police. Police investigations and reports can be helpful in a car accident case to help preserve evidence and information. The police may also help determine which party is at fault.


2. Seek medical treatment

Immediately seek out medical treatment for the injuries you sustain in the accident. This is important for your health and it will also help documents your injuries. Be sure to provide a complete description of all injuries you are experiencing from the accident, even if they seem minor. Also, follow any recommended treatment that your doctor provides.


3. Document everything

Try to keep detailed records of the accident, your injuries, your recovery and anything else related to the accident. Take photographs of the accident scene and your injuries. Identify persons who witnessed the accident and obtain their contact information. Keep a journal where you describe the accident, your injuries, symptoms, and your recovery.


4. Contact an attorney

As soon as possible after the accident, contact a Car Accident Attorney in San Diego. An attorney will provide you with legal advice that is specific to you and your case. An attorney can help you preserve evidence and begin the claims process. An attorney will help protect your rights and will strive to help you recover a fair settlement.


If you have been injured in an accident, contact the Law Offices of Keith J. Stone to discuss your case.

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