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Spinal Injuries: Common Causes and How to Be Compensated

spinal injuryIf you were hit by a driver who was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you can make a civil claim against them. DUI accidents can cause grievous bodily injury. A driver who is inebriated does not have full control of their vehicle. They may have been unable to apply their breaks when they approached your car, making you take the full force of the impact.

Catastrophic Injuries

Such a serious accident tends to cause catastrophic injuries—the kind of injuries that lead to permanent deformity and disability. A severed or damaged spinal cord is among the most devastating form of catastrophic injury. It can confine you to a wheelchair and compel you to give up the lively and active life you had.

The financial strain of paying medical bills, hiring full-time in-home careers, making needed adjustments to your home, and giving up your career can be overwhelming. However, you need not face it alone. Hiring a personal injury law firm in San Diego can help you get compensation from the person whose reckless and criminal behavior ruined your life.

Defending Your Right to Compensation

The law gives you the right to claim damages from anyone whose behavior has caused you injury. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is against the law. And the drunk driver who crashed into you will be prosecuted by the state. You can use the evidence produced in the criminal trial for your civil suit.

The San Diego spine injury attorney you hire can help you gather such evidence and make your case before a civil court. The Law Offices of Keith J. Stone is a top personal injury law firm in San Diego. The San Diego spine injury attorney who is assigned to your case will use their knowledge, insight, and experience to get you the money you deserve.

If you have been severely injured by a drunk driver, the Law Offices of Keith J. Stone can help you get justice.

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