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Black Friday DUI Accident Injuries

dui accidentsBlack Friday has become a popular tradition for many shoppers. Because Thanksgiving occurs before Black Friday, many shoppers are still experiencing the effects of alcohol consumption during the holiday. When Black Friday shoppers are still under the influence of alcohol, they create a substantial risk if they drive. Persons who are injured by DUI drivers, many have the right to recover financial compensation through a personal injury claim. The San Diego DUI accident victim lawyers from the Law Offices of Keith J. Stone can help you pursue a claim.

What should you do if involved in an accident with a DUI driver?
If you are involved in a Black Friday car accident and suspect that the other driver may be under the influence, then here are a few tips:

Contact the police, even if the damages seem minimal
Request that the officers conduct a DUI investigation
Take photographs and video recordings of the accident scene and your injuries
Identify any witnesses to the accident
Seek out immediate medical treatment
Contact a San Diego drunk driving accident victim’s attorney

Why should you contact a San Diego drunk driving accident victim’s attorney?
San Diego DUI accident victim lawyers can help you understand your legal rights and what options are available. If your case qualifies for a claim, an attorney can give you advice about the next steps to take. An attorney can represent you in the process and will help make a claim on your behalf.

If you have been injured in a Black Friday DUI accident, then the team at Law Offices of Keith J. Stone can help guide you through the claims process. We strive to help our clients recover a fair settlement that we adequately compensate you for your injuries. Contact us for help with starting the claims process.

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