Typically the person who caused the harm walks away with no problems. Unfortunately, the victim may suffer traumatic spinal injury, brain injury, brain damage, wounds, amputation, multiple fractures, or severe burns. Attorney Keith J. stone has experience and the know how to assist you so you can receive the very best compensation for all the harm that you have suffered.

In the turmoil and anxiety that follows the accident or crash, try to keep a cool head in order to help yourself and you loved ones. San Diego serious accident attorney Keith J. Stone wants to help you right away! The following is a to-do checklist of information that should be collected as best possible to assist in your case. This checklist should be started as soon as possible, for every item in this list can seriously impact the end result of your case:

  • Accident: document the location, accident scene and description, photos, police report, witnesses and contact data are all helpful- don’t forget the power of your cell phone, use your cell phone’s camera if necessary, document that other person, the scene and cooperation with the police officers

  • Other party’s information: name, insurance company and policies, vehicle identification, driver’s license, address and contact data. Did you smell any alcohol on the other’s person’s breath? Did the other person make and admissions or apologies such as “I did not see you,” “I could not stop in time,” “I was on my cell phone”

  • Medical expenses: if you paid for parking at your doctor’s office get a receipt. Under California law it provides that the person who caused your harm should reimburse you for all the harm that he or she causes. This includes doctor and hospital visits, prescriptions, medications, and other types or modalities of medical care. Do the best you can and keep track of your medical bills, your damages, and/or other items that include recovery for the harm that the other side has caused.

  • Loss of income: keep track in term of your own records as to the amount of hours or days that you were not able to work due to your crash related injuries and/or damages. Please get written confirmation from your employer if necessary. Please ask your doctor should your case warrant providing you with a work release so you have adequate time to heal so your injuries or damages do not increase at work.

Attorney Keith J. Stone can assist you in obtaining the appropriate forms to establish your loss of income and/or future income.

  • Loss of education: note of interrupted school time or training courses missed, or class due to your crash related injuries, not being able to study for tests, having to change careers due to life changing injuries.

  • Pain and suffering: In California pain and suffering would also include your anxiety, duress, embarrassment, and other intangible elements of pain and loss of quality of life.

Attorney Keith J. Stone recommends that you keep a log or diary as to what you are going through in terms of these areas.

  • Out of pocket expenses: please keep all receipts or expenses related to your accident. These can include property damages repairs, holiday bookings lost, car rental and taxi receipts, childcare and elder care receipts, co-pays and parking.

To ensure that your case is complete and all current and future expenses and suffering accounted for, San Diego attorney Keith J. Stone works with the best experts in the medical field including neurology, spinal surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery- and consults with other various health professionals regarding healing, rehabilitation, therapy, infections and psychological care.

Calculating the immediate and long term implications of a serious injury, and achieving the highest compensation in or out of court is the work of specialists, and the work of a passionate lawyer who puts people over profits. 

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