dog bitesWhat happens if you, a loved one, or anyone you know is out for a stroll and a dog in Southern California bites all of the sudden? Typically the dog was not provoked and there was no warning to anyone’s knowledge that this animal would attack you.

Dog bites occur more often than one would think. If you do sustain injuries, you may have to deal with doctors, emergency rooms, animal control, plastic surgeons, land and/or homeowners, landlords, and/or other people. For these reasons, you may wish to consult with an attorney who has experience in dealing with dog bites.

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Keith J. Stone has been an attorney since 1986. He has experience in dealing with dog attacks.

Let attorney Keith J. Stone interact with your healthcare providers, and your mounting medical bills. Keith J. Stone has insight on how to deal with the insurance companies in terms of documenting your claim and/or obtaining money/reimbursement from the dog the owner should this arise.

Elements helpful in dealing with dog attacks include such things as:

  • Identifying the dog (male or female and breed);

  • Taking pictures of the dog, scenes of attack and injury or wound;

  • Documenting the injury by contacting the appropriate authorities such as the police, sheriff, animal control and ambulance;

  • Obtaining the dog’s prior record and vaccination history; and

  • Identifying the responsible party such as owner, landlord or third party

Did you know:

  • That chained dogs are 2.8 time more likely to bite than unchained dogs;

  • Younger dogs (less than 6 years) typically bite more often than older dogs; and

  • Boys are more bitten than girls and younger children under age 10 are bitten the most.

Injuries that result from a dog bite include: lacerations, punctures, contusions, avulsions, crushes, fractures and various types of infections depending on the type of care.

Keith J. Stone has insight on the necessary medical issues and can refer you out to appropriate specialists if need be.

Let attorney Keith J. Stone help you deal with physical and emotional scars of the dog attack.

San Diego based attorney Keith J. Stone has successfully obtained fair settlements for others just like you who have been hurt when a dog attacked. Call our office now at 619-531-2022 for a FREE evaluation of your case. Feel free to use our online contact form to send us questions.

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