There is very little doubt that still remains regarding the dangers of texting and driving. It is one of the most dangerous types of driver distractions—so dangerous, in fact, that the state of California has imposed a law to make the practice illegal. Yet, that hasn’t stopped drivers from participating in the hazardous behavior.

How Dangerous is Texting and Driving?

The federal government created a website dedicated to public awareness regarding distracted driving. This website,, has some alarming facts and figures about texting and driving. According to the site, texting and driving is at the top of dangerous behind-the-wheel activities because it involves manual, visual, and cognitive distraction, all at the same time. puts texting and driving in perspective by explaining that “sending or reading a text takes your eyes off the road for 4.6 seconds. At 55 mph, that’s like driving the length of an entire football field, blindfolded. It’s extraordinarily dangerous.”

What Does the Law Have to Say?

In 2009, it became illegal in California to write, send, or read a text message on a wireless device while operating a motor vehicle. Anyone in violation of this law, known as the Wireless Communications Device Law, could be issued a citation and fined. However, you have to remember that the consequences of texting and driving can be greater than a simple traffic ticket—it can cause a serious car accident. Each year, distracted-driving accidents claim countless lives around the country.

Can You Hold a Distracted Driver Liable?

If you were harmed in a distracted-driving accident, you may be able to hold the other driver liable for his or her actions. A negligent driver could be responsible for your damages, such as medical bills, lost income, and more. It is important to talk with an experienced San Diego auto accident attorney as soon as possible.
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