A San Diego personal injury lawyer can help if you were seriously injured in a motorcycle accident in San Diego. You could be entitled to receive compensation for the injuries you sustained.

When a Motorcycle Accident in San Diego Leads to Injuries

The chance of being seriously hurt in a motorcycle accident is high,
considering the lack of protection and vulnerability that a motorcyclist has. In many cases these are preventable accidents, caused by a lack of respect for the rules of the road or some form of negligence.

Sharing the road with larger vehicles increases the risk for an accident to happen. In comparison to those who are injured in a passenger car, injuries from a motorcycle accident are usually more severe or fatal. California motorcycle accident statistics show that motorcycle accidents typically account for a disproportionately high number of catastrophic traffic accidents.

Some of the common types of injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident:

  • multiple fractures;
  • nerve damage;
  • brain injury;
  • paralysis; and
  • burn injury.

Many of these injuries will lead to:  

  • hospitalization;
  • surgery;
  • months of therapy; and
  • missed time from work. 

All of these expenses and losses may be compensated through a claim.

Common Causes of a Motorcycle Accident in San Diego

The open roads and year-long warm temperatures are inviting to those who enjoy the freedom of riding on a motorcycle. However, when another driver acts in a careless or reckless manner, it can turn your world upside down.

Here are some of the common causes of a motorcycle accident:

  • driver inattention (texting while driving, talking on the phone);
  • driving under the influence (drugs, alcohol);
  • failing to yield;
  • violating a traffic sign or signal; and
  • not seeing the motorcycle.

Motorcyclists, who are aware of the risks of the road, are better prepared for what may happen. They should also be aware of other potential hazards that could lead to an accident such as inclement weather or dangerous road conditions (potholes, ruts, railroad tracks).

Seeking Compensation after a Motorcycle Accident in San Diego

You could be entitled to compensation if you were seriously injured because of someone else’s negligence.

You could be compensated for your: 

  • medical expenses;
  • lost wages;
  • pain and suffering; and
  • other damages such as disability or disfigurement.

A San Diego personal injury lawyer can advise you on what types of compensation may be available and your rights. They can also help assemble the evidence you will need to prove your case.

Contacting a San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer

When the unthinkable happens and you or a loved one is injured in a motorcycle accident in San Diego, know that you don’t have to face this challenge alone. The personal injury lawyers at the law offices of Keith J. Stone are here to provide all of the information you need about California injury law so you can make informed choices about your personal injury claim. We even offer a FREE auto accident guide for Southern California residents. If you’re looking for personalized care and attention at this vulnerable time, contact our offices today – 619-531-2022 or toll free at 888-59-HELP-NOW.

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