Many times teenagers are contributing factors in a crash in San Diego, California, and they’re usually the one’s getting blamed for it. Although a teenager may not be the one who caused the accident, there are some valuable notions that should be taken into consideration, especially when you’re meeting with a San Diego car accident lawyer about filing a claim for your accident that involved a teen.

Factors That Put Teens at High Risk for a Crash in San Diego, California

The reason for a teenager causing an accident may not always be due to reckless driving – sometimes it’s just because the teen is new to the road.

  • Inexperience: Even though teenagers are tested and take a driver’s course before they can obtain licenses, the road, what can happen on the road and enabling them to drive without supervision are all still very new to them.
  • Time: Paired with inexperience, most likely, a new teenage driver probably isn’t familiar with night driving. Driving at night requires skill, experience and focus. Compared to daytime driving, you may not be able to see a mile’s length ahead of you, which makes it hard to see unexpected objects such as a parked car on the side of the road or an animal.   
  • Friends: Teens are notorious for packing their buddies in their cars to go for a ride, especially with a brand-new license in hand. Teenagers like to goof off, but the car isn’t a place for goofing off. A driver’s focus needs to be on the road for awareness of other drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists, etc. 
  • Type of Vehicle: In the event of a crash in San Diego, a teenager riding in a small vehicle may sustain fatal injuries because smaller vehicles have fewer safety features and a weaker exterior that could cause the vehicle to crush a car on impact; however, a bigger car, such as a pickup truck or SUV is just as dangerous because of its bigger structure. The exterior and foundation of a bigger vehicle may protect a teenager upon impact, but a larger vehicle is harder to handle. 

Teenagers should practice road safety and follow the laws of the road because there are other people who share the road. If you’re seriously injured in a crash in San Diego, California, that was caused by someone else’s negligence, you should contact a San Diego car accident lawyer to discuss filing a claim.

Help After a Crash in San Diego, California

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