San Diego has some of the best weather in the world. This means that thousands of people travel on foot each day throughout the surrounding areas and downtown. It also means you are more at risk of being injured in a pedestrian accident.

That is why we have included below seven simple safety tips you and your family can practice to help avoid being seriously injured in an accident.

It Starts by Using Your Eyes

Pedestrian safety starts by using your eyes. You should always be scanning for potential dangers. It also includes avoiding walking distractions such as:

  • Your electronic handheld device.
  • Texting.
  • Using your phone to make and receive calls.
  • Reading newspapers, books, magazines, and maps.
  • Listening to music.

Be Predictable When on Foot

The last thing you want is to confuse a driver about your intentions. You should:

  • Never dart onto a street.
  • Never cross mid-block or jaywalk.
  • Always walk in a straight line.
  • Always avoid meandering around crosswalks.

Look Both Ways

You probably learned this lesson as a kid…always look both ways before crossing the street. This simple principle still holds true today. You can never assume that the other driver sees you. Though you may have the right of way, you still run the risk of being hit by an unobservant motorist.

Cross Only in Crosswalks and Designated Areas

Though you may be tempted to jaywalk, crossing mid-block can result in deadly consequences. Take the extra time to cross at intersections and designated crossing areas.

Make Sure You Are Seen

Again, though you may have the right-of-way, you can’t count on the other driver seeing you cross the street. It’s your responsibility to make eye contact with the driver. You should wait until they stop and/or acknowledge you before entering the street.

Obey Traffic Rules

Generally speaking, most auto accidents are the result of someone failing to obey a traffic rule. The same goes for pedestrian accidents. Failure to adhere to traffic rules may result in a serious injury. When on foot, you:

  • Should never enter a crosswalk when the red light in flashing.
  • Should avoid jaywalking and crossing mid-block.
  • Should stay within the designated crosswalk boundaries.

Follow the Same Tips in Parking Lots

Many pedestrians are injured each year in parking lots. Follow the same safety tips when walking in a parking lot to avoid being hit. Common parking lot locations where people are hit include:

  • Beach areas.
  • Office buildings.
  • Grocery centers.
  • Retail centers.

You Can’t Always Avoid Being Hit

Unfortunately, no matter how many safety precautions you take, you can’t always avoid being hit by a car. However, if you are injured by a motorist, you might be able to hold the driver liable for your damages. Keith J. Stone has helped countless accident victims recover for their injuries.

While you are on his website, you can get started by ordering a free copy of our informative guide, What to Do in an Auto Accident. It will help guide you through the process of building a strong accident case.

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