When choosing a new car you should consider which model will help keep you the safest in a car accident in San Diego. Even if your car is highly rated for safety you may still need a San Diego auto accident attorney in the event you’re the victim of a serious accident.

Safety ratings help you decide which vehicle is best to for you and your family.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s Top Picks for 2011 Cars

Every year the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) reviews the test data of numerous car models to determine the safest consumer picks. This year, 66 vehicles met their standards. Their standards were raised last year to include roof strength as a major parameter of safety.

Among the top 66 safest vehicles are several models made by:

  • Hyundai/Kia;
  • Volkswagen/Audi;
  • General Motors; and
  • Ford/Lincoln. 

Each company had more than 10 of their 2011 models make the grade. Subaru was also ranked one of the best leading manufacturer’s in automobiles by having at least one of its vehicles win in each category.

The complete list can be found on the IIHS website with extensive details on the individual ratings of each model tested.

How Safety Ratings Protect You in a Car Accident in San Diego

Performance in high-speed crash simulations, both front-end and side impact, as well as rollovers earns a car a ranking of good, acceptable, marginal, or poor. Testing for the effectiveness of a car’s seat and head restraints for protection against neck injuries during rear impacts is also ranked.

To qualify for the IIHS’s Top Safety Picks list, a vehicle must register a “good” rating on all of these tests.
The 2011 model year has produced many more approved vehicles than years past, giving drivers more choice when it comes to choosing a safety-approved vehicle.

Even if you drive a vehicle that’s high-ranking in safety tests these precautions cannot account for negligent drivers. All vehicle models are susceptible to being involved in a serious car accident when other factors interfere with your driving safety.

There is still a risk of serious accidents while on California roads no matter what safety features a vehicle offers. If you find yourself or a loved one suffered serious injuries from a car accident in San Diego – no matter if you were the driver, passenger, or a pedestrian – a San Diego auto accident attorney can help.

Help After a Car Accident in San Diego

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