Now that you’ve got a good idea of what to do if you are ever involved in a San Diego car accident, below is a list of what not to do that you should familiarize yourself with. As long as you keep these 5 “don’ts” in mind, you are on the road to protecting your potential California personal injury claim.

5 Things You Should Not Do if Involved in a San Diego Car Accident

  1. Don’t flee the scene – The cause of an accident can create an initial reaction to drive away from the scene to avoid legal issues and the anxiety that it might be your fault. It’s against the law to flee if you’re involved in a San Diego car accident. Also, if injured, you will severely hinder your right to file a California personal injury claim. 
  2. Don’t position yourself to further injury – If you’re involved in a San Diego car accident be extremely cautious in your movements after the fact. Don’t stand on the side of the car facing traffic. If you don’t take safety measures after your involvement in a San Diego car accident, filing for a California personal injury claim may be discouraged. 
  3. Don’t say “sorry” – By apologizing, you are essentially declaring fault on yourself. If involved in a San Diego car accident, this will definitely hurt your chances of filing a California personal injury claim with a San Diego car crash lawyer. 
  4. Don’t trash evidence – Don’t touch or remove anything from the crash site. Think of every piece having a link back to how the crash happened and who was at fault. In addition, everything damaged may be compensated for once you’ve sought help from a San Diego car crash lawyer. 
  5. Don’t agree/accept anything until seeking a lawyer – A San Diego car crash lawyer specializes in this line of work and knows what’s fair and what’s acceptable. It is best to call a San Diego car crash after you’ve been seriously injured in a San Diego care crash.

Because everything you do-or don’t do-after a serious injury accident can affect your injury claim be sure that you take steps to get experienced legal help on your side.

Help After a San Diego Car Crash

When the unthinkable happens and you or a loved one is involved in a San Diego car crash know that you don’t have to face this challenge alone. The San Diego car crash lawyers at the law offices of Keith J. Stone are here to provide all of the information you need about California injury law so you can make informed choices about filing a California personal injury claim. We even offer a FREE auto accident guide for Southern California residents. If you’re looking for personalized care and attention at this vulnerable time, contact our offices today – 619-531-2022 or toll free at 888-59-HELP-NOW.

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