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Auto Accidents and Sunny So-Cal Summer Days

Sunny San Diego is known for its spectacular weather that averages 72 degrees, almost as if it was Summer year-round, except for those cloudy days that we have here and there. When the weather is great, there are more families out on the road enjoying the day that seems to expand for three months. Its Summer time!

June 21st, which marks the first day of Summer, always seems to bring a bit of joy and comfort, but on the 1st of June also happens to be the start of the 100 deadliest days of summer.

We can measure out all the factors of why Summer is great, such as the weather, the time off, the longer days, but we forget that its also when more students are driving, more teenagers and families are out on the road and that ever tempting “happy hour”!

In Summer, the highest crash rate of any age group is teens. The more time someone is on the road the more susceptible they are to being in a motor vehicle accident. With this day in age where technology is our best friend and our enemy, we have to make sure we drive without any distractions! Especially since our phones can be just as distracting as our passengers. A crash and the horrible results takes a mere few fractions of  a minute.

Being aware of our surroundings while we try to enjoy our summer, can be quite difficult, but it is  not impossible. Which is why if one drinks, they should not drive. We put ourselves and others in danger. An average of 260 teens are killed in motor vehicle accidents each month during summer, which is a whopping 26% increase of car crashes compared with the other months. Please do not be yet another statistic! Slow down, drive safe  and have a great summer!!

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