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Car Accidents: Head-On Collision

car accident between black and white autoHead-on collisions are the most devastating and destructive of all the types of vehicle accidents seen by a San Diego CA car accident attorney.

Following the dynamics of physics, head-on collisions typically release the most energy when vehicles hit each other – moving in opposite directions versus angular or similar ones, such as the side or parallel impacts. As a result, these accidents have the highest level of fatalities for drivers and passengers, resulting in almost 58 percent of incidents in 2017 has some kind of death for those involved.

In many cases, head-on collisions are the result of opposite traffic traveling too close to each other, such as driving on one-lane country roads where there is no barrier between different directions of traffic. However, such impacts can also occur on city streets, particularly in turn lane situations where the turning car does not slow down, and the opposing direction vehicle is moving at full speed as well.

In these instances, help from the Law Offices of Keith J. Stone is essential.

Causes of Head-on Collision

The causes of head-on collisions frequently range from poor driving conditions and visibility to reckless driving on the operator’s part. In some cases, the root cause can also be a mechanical failure as well. The frequency of these collisions tends to happen far more often in rural locations, and the combination of speed and impact with remoteness often contributes to additional fatalities being far from help and immediate medical response.

Unfortunately, many head-on collisions also occur in urban and suburban streets due to poor driver actions, including driving while intoxicated, speeding, driving while using a mobile device, falling asleep, or impaired operational ability. In some areas, reckless driving has become increasingly common, with night-time accidents increasing dramatically as a result.

All of these factors have and continue to contribute to preventable car accidents, including those that ultimately end up killing a victim in an opposite car or the errant driver or both.

Liability in a Head-on Collision

Successful legal representation oftentimes starts with nailing down the facts of what happened. In multiple cases, the responsible party generally knows they have made driving mistakes, but panicky attempts will be made to cover things up – such as trying to wipe phone or texting records off of a mobile device, accusing the other driver of vehicular errors on the road, bad driving conditions, mysterious animals that cannot be found after the fact in terms of the accident remains, and more.

Injuries and Compensation

The injuries in head-on collision car accidents are different from other kinds of car accidents. The injuries that occur in a head-on collision can be more severe and life-changing.

The injuries in head-on collisions are usually brain injury, neck injury, spinal cord injury, facial injury, and arm and leg injuries.

The compensations for head-on collisions are usually higher than the compensations for other types of car accidents. In most cases, the compensation is determined by the severity of the injury and how much it will affect your life going forward.

Additionally, insurance companies will many times argue about every avenue or claim to reduce claims or keep them at as low a cost as possible to reduce exposure to required coverage expenses. It is quite common for insurance companies to offer quick settlements to make a claim go away, seemingly offering cash up front, but in reality, trying to settle the matter at a cost far less than the real recovery will end up being.

All of these distractions can be problems in getting to the facts of a case without the expertise of a San Diego personal injury attorney representing a victim.

Make a Claim With a San Diego Personal Injury Attorney on Your Side

If you have been the victim of a head-on collision or have a family member, the Law Offices of Keith J. Stone can help. As a San Diego personal injury attorney, Keith Stone has litigated and recovered multiple cases for clients who have been preventable victims of bad driving and horrible accidents.

A head-on collision car accident can be life-changing, but it does not need to be the end of the story. Call the Law Offices of Keith J. Stone to find out more and not be another traffic statistic.

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