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California Reckless Driving Car Accidents

young man drinking beer and driving car, while woman sees danger and looks scaredAccidents happen. We all know that one wrong glance at the dashboard, a barking pet, or a misadjusted mirror can cause a car accident. While unfortunate, this is understandable and a risk we take when getting on the road. Reckless driving, however, is something else entirely.

Reckless driving involves a party largely disregarding the rules of the road without thought to others’ safety. Not only are so many of these reckless driving accidents preventable, but the impacts are also often serious, causing significant harm to both people and property.

At the Law Offices of Keith J. Stone, we understand the grave nature of reckless driving, and we’re here to help.

Car Accident Law

Reckless driving causes accidents by exceeding the conditions of the road. California state law describes this act as, “willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property.” The important part to understand is that the reckless driver disregards the rules — on purpose.

Types of reckless driving may include behaviors like:

Other types of reckless driving include:

To be clear, a simple speeding ticket or traffic light ticket isn’t necessarily reckless driving — as the criteria must also include a “wanton disregard” for safety.

Many signs of reckless driving can also mirror or co-occur with driving under intoxication such as:

Because reckless driving accidents are considered an easily preventable risk, the penalties for these actions can be severe.

Reckless Driving Penalties

If someone is convicted of reckless driving California — it’s no joke. The penalties for a reckless ticket begin at the misdemeanor level, which includes a small fine, potential jail time, and probation.

A license suspension can be imposed by the judge too. If reckless driving also involves significant property damage or physical harm to a person, it can be combined with additional charges. Add on any intoxication, and there may be additional criminal charges.

California law does not acknowledge the term “reckless endangerment” but, instead, can enhance any of the above charges depending on the situation, such as reckless driving with young children involved. Out of all these penalties and consequences though, you’ll notice something missing — a guarantee of support for the victims of these careless acts.

Making a Claim for Punitive Damages

Making a claim for damages is the key to ensuring you get the compensation you deserve. A claim can cover cash for your medical bills, reimbursement for your vehicle repairs and replacement, and importantly — punitive damages as a fair consequence of this wanton act. Getting punitive damages is often far from simple. Neither the insurance nor the defendant will want to pay, despite making a conscious choice to endanger both you and the public.

An experienced car accident lawyer knows exactly how to present your case and file your claim to obtain fast financial results. Ready to listen, an attorney is there to speak for your side of the situation, giving you a larger voice in the accident process.

In addition, attorneys and their teams understand the paperwork and the process to make your claim. Get in touch with our San Diego CA car accident attorney and make your case today.

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