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Catastrophic Accident and Injuries: The Long Road Ahead

catastrophic accidentCar accidents can be traumatic, no matter how big or small it is. It can shake up your sense of safety on the road, and sometimes, it can land you or your loved one in the hospital with a serious injury. Depending on the seriousness of the car accident, you may need the services of an accident lawyer San Diego.

Dealing with the Aftermath

If hospitalization is involved, you or your loved one would now also have to deal with the cost of medical treatments, on top of working on getting physically better. Even with insurance, the impact of the injury may be long-lasting, affecting your ability to work and earn income in the same way you did before. 

Traumatic brain injuries, in particular, can rack up a lot of cost. Not only is there the surgery and post-surgery care that needs to be dealt with, but there is also the possibility of long-term rehabilitation that’s going to be required, depending on the severity of the injury. 

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Otherwise known as TBI, traumatic brain injuries take a long time to recover because of how sensitive and fragile the brain is. The San Diego CA accident injury could leave the patient unable to function independently, relying on the help and care of others.

Apart from compromised mobility, there are also those that suffer from disabilities such as loss of speech, or loss of fine motor skills. Progress in therapy may be slow, which means that therapy sessions can go on for as long as several years. 

With all of this happening, the financial obligations can certainly become daunting and overwhelming. In many cases, even life savings had been depleted on account of this injury. All because of the accident. 

But while the situation may seem bleak, there is, in fact, a legal recourse you could take for compensation. This will require the help of a car accident lawyer San Diego CA.

The Legal Recourse

You might have heard of this at some point, but did not really think you were ever going to need it: personal injury lawsuit.

A personal injury lawsuit is basically a case filed by someone–or their family member–who was injured because of another’s fault, carelessness, or lack of due diligence. The critical component here is that the claimant shows they have little to no fault in the accident that occurred, and that they themselves did practice due diligence. 

Proving this entails a lot of legwork: gathering evidence, reaching out to potential witnesses, and getting their testimony, and building a strong argument to win the case. This is why it’s crucial that you reach out to a San Diego CA accident injury attorney at the soonest possible time. 

How An Accident Attorney Can Help

A San Diego CA accident attorney can help by taking care of all these tasks, so you can instead focus on your own health and recovery. Not only will they be there to gather evidence and build your case, they will also be there to represent you in court, should your lawsuit reach trial. 

Sometimes, the parties involved would much rather resolve things without a trial, and so would prefer to go into settlement talks. It is important that you have your lawyer present for these talks as well, to ensure that you and your best interests will be fully represented.

Your personal injury lawyer can even negotiate the terms of the settlement on your behalf. This way, you can make sure that you will be getting the best possible offer that is right and fair, given the injuries you’ve incurred. 

The hope is that you don’t get into any unfortunate situation, such as a car accident. But in case you do find yourself in such, keep in mind that you can seek help from an auto accident San Diego attorney such as those from the Law Offices of Keith J. Stone.

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