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Understanding What to Do Next in a Multi-Car Responsibility Accident

car accidentThe law has been developing for a long time so, well before cars existed, there were accidents that involved more than one responsible party. Eventually folks realized that there needed to be someone way to make sure everyone involved was held responsible when multiple parties were the cause of the accident. Known as joint and several liability, the law became what now provides a legal approach to distributing responsibility for harm to a victim, especially when the damage is serious. While the court can’t turn back time and reverse what happened before the accident, it can provide the victim recovery through economic awards when pursued through car accident attorneys San Diego representation and similar counsel elsewhere in the country. And this financial responsibility is divided out when the court finds which parties were involved and by how much.

The Initial Burden of Responsibility Pursuit is on the Plaintiff

The legal process per any car accident attorney SD advice starts first with the accident victim identifying the parties and asserting their responsibility for the harm suffered. This occurs legally through a lawsuit, and the victim has the burden to show who was involved and to what extent. That is done through witnesses, evidence, police reports, and their own recollection. If successful, either in front of a jury or a judge, then the court awards accountability and determines a financial judgment to compensate the victim. Describing all of this is the easy part; getting from the initial assertion to the reality of the victim’s recovery are two different things. 

Expect a Lot of Finger Pointing When Trying to Find Responsibility

The typical situation in a lawsuit is that a car accident defendant will first try to argue he or she is not responsible for the victim’s injury in the same event. If that doesn’t work, then, with multiple parties involved, the defendant will also try to argue others were the real cause, so the responsibility can’t be applied to the defendant at all. The court under joint and several liability says otherwise. Instead, the court can hold all the parties involved responsible together if it can be proven they were involved in the cause of the victim being hurt in the first place.

Getting to the Root of the Problem With Expert San Diego Help

If you find yourself in a multi-party car accident and trying to recover, as well as hold the other parties responsible, then you need to have a talk with the Law Offices of Keith J. Stone. As a car accident lawyer San Diego CA expert, clients can achieve qualified representation with Keith Stone that works as well as provide the means to get past the chaos of the accident versus floundering in it for months after the fact, buried with medical bills or vehicle repair expenses. Instead, the practical help of a car accident lawyer San Diego California resource can guide a victim competently through the vehicle law legal process as well as produce the proactive support needed to get results, both in terms of covering medical bills as well as restoring the victim to a financial status quo. 

Remember, there are plenty of car accident lawyer SD CA options available, but the Law Offices of Keith J. Stone is one that is specifically geared for joint and several liability car accident cases after vehicular impacts and related damage. As a specialist car accident lawyer in San Diego CA, Keith J. Stone will provide advanced representation not always possible with other choices. Not only will a client be working toward an improvement rather than being stuck in a limbo, he or she can get on with life instead of being wrecked by an accident that was not their fault.

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