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Cyclist Accidents – Safety Rules of the Road

cyclist accidentWhile driving a car in some areas of California can delay your travel, riding a bicycle can get you there quickly and benefit your health. You get exercise while commuting to school or work or running errands.

It’s important to know the rules of the road though, so you remain safe. Follow these simple guidelines to help prevent cyclist accidents, so you won’t need a San Diego personal injury lawyer.

California Bike Laws

Since many people in the state use their bicycles as commuting tools and many individuals ride on the roadways, CA made laws to govern their integration into motor vehicle traffic. Learning these bike laws and adhering to them provide important safety mechanisms that let them help protect you.

Wear Your Helmet

Helmet laws fall into this category. You must wear a helmet while cycling on the state’s roadways. This helmet must be specifically designed for bicycle riders. That means you can’t legally wear a motorcycle or football helmet, or any helmet designed for other protection. You can learn to properly wear your bicycle helmet on a website the state government created.

The Bicycle Lane

In many areas of the state, cyclists enjoy their own road lane – the bicycle lane. These lanes typically have pylons separating them from the motor vehicle lanes, which helps make the cyclists safer. Sometimes, the cyclists choose not to use these lanes since they need to enter the main traffic lanes to make a turn or a U-turn. They still enjoy the protection of the states’ bike and motor vehicle laws regardless of the lane in which they ride. That doesn’t mean they get to flout state law though. They have as complex of transportation rules as the drivers of motor vehicles and must use hand signals to let others know when they need to slow down, turn left, or turn right.

Reflective Clothing

You can make riding your bicycle at night safer by wearing reflective clothing that makes you easier to spot. You should also put reflectors and reflective tape you’re your bicycle, especially on the pedals and the wheels. Reflective tape on your handlebars is a good idea, too, since it makes it simpler for a driver to see you when you’re cycling towards them. Although they should be in the other lane, their awareness of you keeps you both safer if they need to swerve for some reason or you need to turn in front of their vehicle.

How a San Diego Accident Attorney Helps When Accidents Happen

You can significantly reduce your risks on the road by following the law and taking suitable precautions. An accident may still happen. When it does, you should first go to the hospital or doctor. After your medical treatment, you should contact a bicycle accident attorney in San Diego.

In California, if you become injured in an accident, you have legal options. An attorney can help you obtain legal redress.

Choose a specialty lawyer who has tried or settled many cases like yours. Hiring a San Diego bicycle accident attorney lets you benefit from an attorney with experience in the specific type of situation in which you became involved.

When you need an accident lawyer San Diego trusts, contact the Law Offices Of Keith J. Stone, a San Diego personal injury attorney specializing in bicycle accidents. Mr. Stone handles cases from the perspective of the bicyclist, as well as pedestrian and auto accident injuries. This provides him with experience that helps get you the compensation you deserve. Call Mr. Stone today at 619-531-202.


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