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Bus Accidents – School Buses Safety 101

school bus accidentAn accident is the furthest thing from our mind as we wave good-bye when the bus they’re on pulls away. However, school bus accidents are more common than one might think. Therefore, we all could use a lesson in San Diego School Bus Safety 101.

School Bus Safety

Bus Accident Attorney San Diego, Keith J. Stone advises to help your kids follow these rules when riding the school bus:

Kids must also adhere to the following rules when getting on a bus:

When preparing to exit the bus, ensure to follow these rules:

What are The Rules for Stopping Around a Bus and School Zone

Whenever approaching a school bus with red lights flashing and/or the stop sign out, California Code rules you stop.  San Diego Bus Accident Attorney, Keith J. Stone advises that this means, coming to a complete stop. They also state the lives of the children on the bus are more important than where you have to be.

Tips for Parents

As a San Diego Accident Attorney, I  want to ensure your kids are safe when they leave the house. Therefore, here are some safety tips that should assure their safety:

If all these precautions are taken, and your child is injured in a bus accident. There is a San Diego Accident Lawyer that can help.

How an Attorney Can Help if Your Child has been in a Bus Accident

San Diego Personal Injury Attorney , Keith Stone can help if your child has been injured in a bus-related accident.

Whether the injuries your child sustained were the fault of another driver;  Keith j. Stone, San Diego Bus Accident Lawyer can help. If your child has been in a bus-related accident; call the Law Offices of Keith J. Stone. We are the Bus Accident Lawyer San Diego that you need to fight for you.

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