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Trucking Accidents – Tips for Sharing the Road with Semi-Trucks

trucking accidentSemi-trucks are a blessing to all of us, businesses, and residents. These trucks carry tons of products to go to our local stores. And while it’s great that truck drivers work hard to meet deliveries, it is also very risky to share the road with these trucks. In fact, it can be downright dangerous, even to the point of fatalities. Having said this, the following includes tips for sharing the road with semi-trucks:

1. Pay careful attention to semi trucks on the road.

Semi trucks take up a lot of space. You should always look for them and pay close attention to the actions they take—but many drivers overlook semi trucks until it’s too late.

When you share the road with a semi truck, take note of:

2. Give semi trucks plenty of room to maneuver safely.

Because of their larger size and weight, semi trucks need more room to maneuver safely on the road. Truck drivers need more space to stop or turn. As the driver of a smaller passenger vehicle, you can take some of the pressure off the truck driver and reduce the risk of accidents by offering plenty of room for the truck driver to maneuver.

This includes:

3. Know common truck blind spots.

Modern technology has undergone substantial advances, making it easier than ever for truck drivers to see the road around them, but those advances haven’t eliminated the hazard of trucking blind spots. Even trucks with cameras and collision warning may not give the trucker a complete view of the road around them.

If you cannot see the truck driver’s mirrors clearly, he likely cannot see you.

4. Follow all the rules of the road.

At high rates of speed, your risk of involvement in an accident increases substantially. The faster you drive, the harder it becomes to avoid common hazards on the road. You may also increase your risk of an accident if you attempt to rush through a red light or stop sign rather than waiting for your turn.

5. Dim your Brights.

On dark nights, you may turn on your brights to increase your ability to see the road or to make your vehicle more visible to others around you.

6. Pass trucks quickly, if you need to pass.

Don’t assume that the driver of a truck you’re passing knows you’re there. Because of blind spots, the truck driver may not always know that you moved—or even have seen your vehicle in the first place.

7. Use your turn signals.

If you need to slow down, change lanes, or turn, always use your signals to indicate your intent to other drivers. Truck drivers rely on your signals to determine their next moves. Tapping your brakes and putting on your turn signal lets a truck driver behind you know that you plan to turn soon and that the truck needs to slow down, giving you more room.

8. Slow down in bad weather.

Bad weather can prevent you from safely maneuvering your vehicle. Semi trucks have limited move-ability and sudden change reactions can cause a chain reaction.

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