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What is a Degloving Injury and Why Do I Need a Lawyer If I Am Injured?

degloving injuryA degloving injury occurs when a large amount of skin is completely torn off its underlying tissue. Degloving injuries are extremely serious. They often occur in limbs, hands or feet, and they are often associated with a fracture in the affected body part. A degloving injury can require several surgical procedures to repair, especially if there is an accompanying fracture. When you have a degloving injury, you need immediate treatment and an injury law firm in San Diego.

How Can an Injury Law Firm in San Diego Help Me Out If I Have Suffered a Degloving Injury?

A degloving injury requires extensive medical care to correct. Even after you are fully healed, you will probably be left with some degree of disfigurement. Without a San Diego personal injury attorney, it will be difficult to recover all the compensation the responsible party’s insurance company owes you for your injury. Unless you are very familiar with both the insurance claim process and the civil litigation process, the insurance company will likely try to take advantage of you. This is especially true if you are in a financially vulnerable position.

Why Should I Choose Someone from the Law Offices of Keith J. Stone to Be My San Diego Personal Injury Attorney?

When you choose the Law Offices of Keith J. Stone to represent you in your personal injury claim against the responsible party, the insurance company will know right away that you mean business. Keith has more than 30 years of experience as an advocate for injured accident victims. He knows what it takes to prove your case to the responsible party’s insurance adjusters and defense attorneys. If the insurance company will not offer enough compensation before trial, Keith will lay your case out to the jury and put you in a position to receive maximum compensation for your injuries.

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