Many accidents in Southern California are caused by people who may have been negligent or reckless, but are clearly identified and held responsible. But when someone is seriously hurt due to a dangerous situation in a shopping mall, an amusement park, on a sidewalk, or at a rock concert, who is to blame?

Who is in charge?

When an accident is caused by negligence, who is to blame? The owner? There may be more than one, or it may be a small company owned by a larger one. Or is a tenant in charge of the place? It may be a subcontractor performing maintenance work who created the dangerous situation. And who does the sidewalk belong to?

Slip and fall accidents, as many premises liability cases are commonly referred to in San Diego, can result in serious injuries or even death. Victims may be faced with debilitating injuries, enormous medical costs, loss of income, and a lot of pain and suffering. They are entitled to compensation, once the responsibility of the owner or possessor is firmly established.

Who are you fighting against?

Various insurance companies may get involved in your case and will happily deflect the fault of the accident to another party. Faced with a potentially large claim, they may rapidly collect or cover up evidence, get workers or experts to make reports, and work on a strategy to limit their liability and put the blame on another party, including you, the victim.

Battling against commercial firms, real estate businesses, tenants, subcontractors, public authorities and their insurance companies is a challenge you may not want to take up on your own.

You need to act quickly.

Premises liability attorney Keith J. Stone can help you right away, going on the premises, meeting with the witnesses, taking pictures and doing the background investigation that will clarify the agreements, contracts and ownerships of the various entities involved in the building, management and maintenance of the premises.

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