You may need to seek counsel from a San Diego slip and fall lawyer if you were seriously injured on someone else’s property, and you believe it was caused by negligence. You could be entitled to compensation through a California injury claim.

Where do slip and fall accidents occur?

A slip and fall accident can occur anywhere, in a private residence or a public building. It can occur in an apartment building, at school, in a shopping center, grocery store or stadium.

Any property that is owned by someone else and is not properly maintained or contains a hazardous condition could lead to someone being injured. Property owners are expected to exercise reasonable care in making sure their premises are safe.

What can lead to a slip and fall accident?

Any dangerous or hazardous condition that exists on someone’s property could lead to a slip and fall accident. Uneven sidewalks, broken steps, wet floors, poor lighting, ice and debris are just some examples of conditions that may lead to someone tripping, slipping or falling.

Failure to fix or maintain a property or a failure to provide adequate warning signs or barricades are common causes of a slip and fall. When this type of negligence leads to injuries, then a California injury claim may be filed.

How is liability in a slip and fall accident proven?

You will need to prove that the property owner was negligent. Just because a hazardous condition exists doesn’t automatically make the property owner liable. There may not have been enough time to fix the problem.

For instance, if there was a recent ice storm and there wasn’t adequate time given for the property owner to salt the ice, and someone falls, it doesn’t automatically qualify the victim for compensation.

Determining what a reasonable amount of time is to correct a dangerous condition will depend on the circumstances.
This is why injury claims for a slip and fall accident can be complicated.

You may also need to establish that you didn’t contribute in some way to the accident. For instance, if you weren’t looking where you were going, then you may not have a case.

Liability can also be proven if there is evidence indicating the property owner created the hazardous condition or knew of it, yet failed to correct it.
However, obtaining this type of evidence can be very difficult. This is why you may need help from a San Diego slip and fall lawyer.

Contacting a San Diego Slip and Fall Lawyer

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