No matter how safe of a driver you are, you can’t always avoid becoming distracted when behind the wheel. Unfortunately, even the slightest distraction can lead to you being seriously injured in a San Diego car accident. Driving requires your full attention.

The three types of driving distractions

Driving distractions can be categorized into three types. A driving distraction is anything that takes your:

  • Eyes of the road (visual).
  • Mind and thoughts off the road (cognitive).
  • Your hands off the wheel (manual).

When you take your eyes off the road

It’s always tempting to take your eyes off the road to look at events taking place outside your window. However, this can prove to be deadly. Taking your eyes off the road for even a split second can leave you unable to respond to sudden road hazards. You may not be able to stop for a pedestrian or stopping vehicle. Common visual distractions include:

  • Other accidents
  • Law enforcement activity
  • Construction work
  • Billboard ads
  • Street addresses
  • Turning your head to address children in the back seat

When you take your mind off the road

Cognitive distractions are equally as dangerous. Driving is an activity that requires constant and complex coordination between your body and mind. You should avoid concentrating too hard on conversations with your passengers, music, talk radio, and books on tape. You should also be cautious of daydreaming.

When you take your hands off the steering wheel

You should avoid any activity that requires you to take even one hand off the steering wheel. Manual distractions can leave you unable to maneuver around unexpected road dangers. When driving, you should avoid the following manual distractions:

  • Eating and drinking
  • Adjusting radio and GPS dials
  • Tobacco use
  • Personal grooming, such as putting on makeup and shaving
  • Reaching for an object on the floor or in another seat
  • Reading
  • Folding or unfolding a map

When you text and drive

Texting and driving could be considered one of the most dangerous driving distractions of all. In many instances, it falls into all three driving distraction categories at the same time. When you read or send a text, it generally requires the use of at least one hand and draws your mind and eyes away from the road.
That is why you should finish or make that last call before you get into your vehicle. Also, consider storing your phone in the trunk or back seat and away from where you can’t access it while driving.

Those you share the roadways with

Not everyone you share the Southern California roadways with practices safe driving habits. Their distractions can lead to you being injured in a serious accident. Keith J. Stone can help if you were injured by a distracted driver.
His goal is to make sure the other driver is held responsible for your damages. He will work hard to protect your rights, protect you from the other insurance company and their tactics, and to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

Where to start

To learn more about your case, be sure to order a free copy of our informative guide, What to Do in an Auto Accident.
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