When your child suffers a dog bite attack in San Diego, California it causes your family physical, emotional, and financial pain. A San Diego dog bite lawyer can help you seek a fair settlement through a personal injury claim to compensate for these damages.

Steps to Take after a Dog Bite Attack in San Diego, California

Once your child’s injuries have been addressed, they are safe, and recovering, it’s time to assess the damages. Make sure that your child’s medical needs are met, especially concerning tetanus shots and a rabies analysis.

By filing a personal injury claim you can seek compensation not only for the current medical bills but also emotional and financial damages you and your family have suffered, both current and future. To have the best chance at providing the evidence to prove your child’s personal injury claim you should preserve everything you can from the attack incident.

Try to collect evidence of the attack such as:

  • torn or bloody clothing the child wore during the attack;
  • photographs of the accident scene;
  • photographs of your child’s injury;
  • contact information for any witnesses;
  • contact information of the dog’s owner;
  • the dog’s name and breed; and
  • a police report, if available.

The more evidence you have of your child’s dog bite attack in San Diego, California, the better chances you have of obtaining a fair settlement for your child’s injuries and family’s suffering.

Proving a Dog Bite Attack and Injury Claim

When you file a personal injury claim for your child with the help of a San Diego dog bite lawyer they will be working to prove that the dog’s owner was negligent
in keeping their animal secured. To have a valid personal injury claim the owner must have been negligent in restraining their dog.
Another way that a dog owner can be considered negligent is if the dog is an aggressive breed or has been trained to be aggressive. If your dog bite attack occurred with a dog with a prior history of aggression and the owner failed to post notice on the property, you can most likely prove additional liability, otherwise known as strict liability.

After a dog bite attack injury claim is filed you may be hearing from the owner’s insurance company. Remember to consult with your San Diego dog bite lawyer about how to deal with insurance adjusters to avoid damaging your claim. If a settlement is offered, review it with your lawyer to make sure it adequately compensates your family for the financial and emotional damages you have incurred.

Help After a Dog Bite Attack in San Diego, California

When the unthinkable happens and you or a loved one is injured in a dog bite attack in San Diego, California know that you don’t have to face this challenge alone. The San Diego dog bite lawyer team at the law offices of Keith J. Stone is here to provide all of the information you need about California dog bite laws so you can make informed choices about your dog bite claim.

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