The decision whether to hire an attorney involves many factors, questions and concerns. Some people mistakenly believe that lawyers complicate a situation. Why hire one when all they do is drag your case out too long and at the end of the case, they take part of the money that you deserve for your accident….

If this is what you think about attorneys, then you are very wrong! Believe it or not, when it comes to an accident and injury cases, having a good lawyer on your side can make a big difference in your case- in GOOD way.

As an experienced San Diego attorney who has handled over 1,000 automobile accident cases, Keith J. Stone can clarify when you should hire a lawyer to settle your case. No doubt, on any of your injury cases, call attorney Keith J. Stone for free advise for your injury claims.

The person that caused your harm, has an insurance company behind him or her. The insurance adjusters receive special training and know how to minimize what you are going through and are trained on how they word things so that the insurance company pays as little as possible.

Our purpose is to give you adequate support so you make the right decision in every step of your claim or as your case progresses. The following questions may help you decide:

  • Does the cause of the accident or crash lay firmly with the other party?

  • California follows what is called comparative liability.
  • In this regard, at a 100% liability, is the other party, corporation or entity responsible for causing your harm? What percent? 100%, 75% or 50%-50%

  • Did the police put you as partially at fault?

Questions of fault, negligence and causation are all lawyer terms. After you have been involved in an injury accident, your concern should be getting the appropriate help to get better. Let attorney Keith J. Stone help you with the various theories and laws and take the stress of the claim off you. In this regard, you can focus on getting better.

Has anyone been hurt in the accident, and how seriously?

One of the puzzle pieces that attorneys use to decide how much your case is worth is the nature and severity of your injuries as well as the amount of your medical bills. Obviously, if there is a fracture or your doctor recommends surgery, your case is more complicated than someone who suffers a minor strain that resolves in two weeks. You may receive confusing letters from your own health insurance company and/or the adverse insurance company with the various forms that they demand that you fill out.

Before you fill out any forms, you may wish to contact Keith J. Stone to assist you in your injury claim. Keith J. Stone comes from a large family of doctors. Attorney Keith J. Stone has the specialized knowledge of injuries, their effects on you, and what type of medical specialist you need to get the best possible care. During the litigation process, you will certainly value an experienced attorney like Keith J. Stone to address the medical issues that arrive and balance what the appropriate measure is in terms of reimbursing you for the harm that the other side has caused.

Does hiring a lawyer mean going to Court?

Many cases are settled prior to a lawsuit being filed. Even after the lawsuit is filed, the court does a number of procedures to have the matter resolved prior to going to trial. Some cases are suitable for mediation or arbitration. Other cases utilize a pre-trial settlement conference. Attorney Keith J. Stone stresses a team approach to his cases. The more involved you are the better. Attorney Keith J. Stone will explain every step in the process and then, together, map out the best way to resolve your lawsuit and/or claim. And in that regard, try to restore your life as best as possible.

Remember, the insurance company has lawyers on the other side- you need your own representation!

What is it going to cost? 

Attorney Keith J. Stone does not charge for an initial telephone conversation regarding your injury claim.

What do you have to lose!

Call Keith J. Stone first for any of your injury claims and you can discuss best the diverse ways you have to precede. After you have met with Attorney Keith J. Stone you will know what options you have in terms of preceding the claim by yourself, or hiring the Law Offices of Keith J. Stone. If you decide to hire us, our fees are on a contingency basis. This means that you will not be charged anything upfront in terms of fees. Fees are paid only after the case is resolved either by settlement and/or judgment.

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