When filing a California injury claim, refrain from social media, including Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. While social media is likely a staple to your social life and business progression it can be destructive to your California injury claim. Just ask your personal injury lawyer in San Diego, California.

How Social Media Can Hurt Your California Injury Claim

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter encourage you to post your activities and engage in conversations with friends and family. Some social media also allow you to post and even tag pictures. A lot of social media users post their feelings and opinions on topics, too. All these things will be used against you in court if you file a California injury claim.

Just like an employer would look into your social media profiles to get a deeper idea of your character, your opponent in court will do the same thing, whether it’s an attorney or insurance adjuster. If you use social media over the Internet, anyone can access your information.

Tips to Safeguard Privacy on Your Social Media Profiles

If you’ve been injured in a San Diego accident and are planning on filing a California injury claim, you will want to take serious precautions when managing your social media profiles.

There are a few tips to take into consideration if you continue to use social media when filing a California injury claim, including:

  • Set social media profiles to private – before you file a California injury claim, your social media account will allow you to block other users viewing your profile. Block outside users and anyone you think will use your information against you.
  • Manage your profile pictures and videos – from the time you file a California injury claim until the case is closed, don’t post or tag any pictures or videos that show you’ve been active. For instance, don’t post pictures of a trip, party or any other activity your opponent can hold against you.
  • Suspend your social media accounts – it will be easier for you to suspend your social media accounts entirely when you file a California injury claim. It will lower the risk of losing your case.
  • Be honest – be upfront with your personal injury lawyer in San Diego, California in regards to your social media sites. Your personal injury lawyer will be better off winning your case if he or she knows the truth.
  • Don’t be public with your case – don’t make your California injury claim a conversation piece. People do talk and you don’t know to whom. 

As much as you may love to use social media, know it can backfire if you file a California injury claim.

Help After a San Diego Accident

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