California seat belt laws could play a role in the outcome of your California personal injury claim. If you were injured in an accident, you should consult with a personal injury lawyer in San Diego, CA to discuss your case.

Being properly restrained could mean the difference between life and death and because no one can predict an auto accident, no chances should be taken.

Seat Belt Laws

Under California seat belt laws, the driver and passengers must wear a seat belt or appropriate type of restraining system.
These laws are in place in order to reduce the number of severe injuries and deaths that occur on the roads. This means that you can’t transport people in your vehicle if you don’t have enough seat belts. It also means that 2 people can’t share a seat belt.

Drivers must also be aware of the appropriate types of infant car seats and booster car seats that are recommended for certain heights and weights. Those who no longer fit in an infant seat or booster seat are required to wear a seat belt that straps across them.

In most cases children under the age of 1, who weigh less than 20 pounds or use a rear-facing child passenger restraint system, shouldn’t be placed in the front seat of a vehicle that has airbags.

How Seat Belt Laws May Affect Your California Personal Injury Claim

The state of California follows comparative negligence when it comes to determining fault for your California personal injury claim.
This means that a percentage of responsibility for the accident is assigned to the parties involved. So even if you are 99% at fault, you can still recover damages; however, you will only be entitled to 1% of those damages.

Failure to wear a seat belt in California could mean that your settlement will be diminished.
Violating traffic laws will put some of the fault on you. So even if the other person was the direct cause of the accident, your failure to fasten the seat belt (or other passengers in your vehicle), could mean that you won’t recover as much as you could have.

If you have questions concerning your accident and determining who was negligent, then your next step should be to speak with a personal injury lawyer in San Diego, CA. A lawyer can assist you with every step of your claim, from the initial filing until you reach a final settlement.

Help from a Personal Injury Lawyer in San Diego, CA

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