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The Dog Bite Epidemic in America. How you could get bitten AND lose your dog attack claim”  is attorney Keith J. Stone’s free book that he wrote to help the countless people who are bitten and attacked by vicious dogs every day in Southern California. You may think that victims of dog bites always get the compensation they deserve, but it is unfortunately not the case. Dog bite claims require a detailed investigation, witness reports, and many elements pertaining to the dog’s breed and particulars. Order this FREE book now.

Auto Accidents

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What to do in an auto accident in San Diego CA Are you ready in case the worst should happen to you on the road? Be prepared for whatever might come your way by requesting our FREE pamphlet, “What To Do In An Auto Accident”. It contains everything you will need to know if you are involved in a crash, and even includes space to record important information about your accident.
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