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Keith J Stone

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Wrongful Death (Grandfather)

Multiple family members were in a car hit by a van when the driver of the van took her eyes off the road and failed to realize ahead of her had stopped.  The hit was so severe that all the occupants in the car suffered fractures and death of the grandfather in the car.  Matter […]

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Uninsured driver vs. Long distance truck driver

Uninsured driver died in collision.  The impact was so forceful that the 18-wheeler turned over.  Truck driver suffered multiple injuries including knee and elbow injury resulting in surgery.  Matter settled for $400,000.00.

Awarded: $400,000.00


The San Diego-based Office of attorney Keith J. Stone serves the following areas in Southern California:
San Diego, Imperial, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San […]

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Faulty Truck parts

A truck-driver who had loaded some used ABF cabs to his truck bed, was in the process of coming down his truck when the ABF grab handle came loose causing the plaintiff to fall and suffered injuries including elbow surgery. Verdict: $246,926.12 plus costs

Awarded: $246,926.12


The San Diego-based Office of attorney Keith J. Stone serves the […]

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Garbage truck vs. Mini Van

A homemaker and field worker whose family van was impacted by a garbage truck that ran a stop sign.  Plaintiff suffered multiple traumas that included open fracture of the right radius fractured ulna, open fracture of the right femur and fracture of the right patella.  Matter was settled in the amount of $975,000.  A structure […]

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Garbage truck v. Pickup truck

A general contractor who on the way to his work, collided with a City garbage truck.  The Defendant, City of San Diego garbage truck driver, turned down the wrong road against a one way only sign and crashed head on to Plaintiff’s large pick up truck.  Plaintiff herniated his neck and had to undergo neck […]

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Who is to blame when you are hurt on public or private property in San Diego?

Many accidents in Southern California are caused by people who may have been negligent or reckless, but are clearly identified and held responsible. But when someone is seriously hurt due to a dangerous situation in a shopping mall, an amusement park, on a sidewalk, or at a rock concert, who is to blame?

Who is in […]

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When do you need an attorney after being bitten by a dog in San Diego?

What happens if you, a loved one, or anyone you know is out for a stroll and a dog in Southern California bites all of the sudden? Typically the dog was not provoked and there was no warning to anyone’s knowledge that this animal would attack you.

Dog bites occur more often than one would think. […]

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You would not be here if you or a loved one was not injured due to someone else’s negligence, intoxication, or reckless behavior!

Typically the person who caused the harm walks away with no problems. Unfortunately, the victim may suffer traumatic spinal injury, brain injury, brain damage, wounds, amputation, multiple fractures, or severe burns. Attorney Keith J. stone has experience and the know how to assist you so you can receive the very best compensation for all the […]

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Do I really need an attorney for my San Diego auto accident case?

The decision whether to hire an attorney involves many factors, questions and concerns. Some people mistakenly believe that lawyers complicate a situation. Why hire one when all they do is drag your case out too long and at the end of the case, they take part of the money that you deserve for your accident….
If […]

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10 Things to Know After You’ve Been Injured in a San Diego Car Accident (Part A)

10 Things to Know After You’ve Been Injured in a San Diego Car Accident (Part A)
After you’ve been injured in a San Diego car accident, the first thing you will want to do is pick up the phone and make some phone calls, such as the police, your insurance company, and/or a San Diego car […]

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