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Auto Accidents
Auto Accidents
A serious car crash in Southern California can be life shattering, and
even though you may be overwhelmed by grief, pain and suffering,wh
you still have to deal with dozens of questions, all of them urgent and
important. Learn how San Diego-based auto accident attorney Keith J.
Stone can help make this process easier for you. And don’t forget to
order FREE auto accident glove box inserts for you and your family.
Dog Bites
Dog Bites
It is unacceptable when vicious dogs that are not under the complete
control of their owner attack defenseless people. The severity of
injuries brought on by a dog is amplified by the pain and terror such
an attack inflicts, and may last a lifetime. Attorney Keith J. Stone has
handled many such cases in Southern California and elsewhere in the
U.S. and will aggressively pursue justice for the victims.
Premises Liability
Premises Liability
Public and private buildings and facilities attracting visitors or built for
the use of people in San Diego are supposed to be safe. But when they
are not well designed, poorly maintained, not supervised , these premises can become dangerous and inflict serious injuries to people. San Diego slip and fall attorney Keith J. Stone explains your rights to compensation on accident at unsafe premises.
It’s every person’s worst nightmare! That telephone call in the middle of the night.
As a parent, spouse or family member we never want to get that call where our loved one died as a result of another’s negligence or wrongful conduct.
You do have an avenue. The Law offices of Keith J. Stone have assisted wives, husbands, parents or children who have suffered the ultimate loss- the loss of a loved one.

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A Bio doesn’t tell everything of course, but it gives you a great opening to ask more questions and understand the man behind the lawyer. Attorney Keith J. Stone does not believe in role play. He believes in a relation with clients that is both personal and friendly so that, through a real team work, the ultimate goal can be achieved: the best settlement the law and your case permits.



Depends, sometimes the skills of a professional attorney can be beneficial to your case. A lawyer is specially trained to file lawsuits and handle cases and may be able to acheive a better result than someone who does not have law experience.  If you were injured using a bad product, someone else’s negligence, or were exposed to something toxic, a personal injury attorney is something you should look into. 
We only get paid when the case is conluded.  We take percentage of the total amount the settlement you were given.  The figure varies depending if the client is a minor or if the case settles in mediation or trial.  Fees typically are 1/3.
If you were driving a car that you are not the owner of and you were injured in an accident you can only receive damages for your injuries.  You will not receive any compensation for property damage as it is not your property.  You as the driver, however, may be liable for any injuries sustained.
This depends. It is based on the severity of your injuries and how long it takes for you to be released from medical treatment.  Also, there is a two year statute of limitations with personal injury cases meaning that you can not file a lawsuit if it has been two years since you were injured.
We can assist you in finding doctors that will “work on lien”.  This means that you do not have to pay the fees to the doctor until you settle your case.
It is possible to recover four types of damages from a products liability cases:

  • Compensatory damages-  these are to compensate you for the cost of medical bills, the money you lost from the time you had to take off of work, the cost it will take you to care for your disability if your injury has altered your lifestyle, and the cost of any property damage caused by the product.
  • Pain and suffering-  these are damages for the pain or loss of enjoyment of life caused by your injury.  Pain and suffering can include anxiety, scars, fear, duress, as well as pain.
  • Loss of consortium-  these are to compensate you in the event your injuries have had a negative affect on your relationship with your spouse.  Your may be able to recover these damages as well.
  • Punitive damages-  these are awarded in such cases when the defendant’s conduct was so outrageous that the courts or jury will issue these damages as an extra punishment.
The Jones Act is a specific section of the Merchant Marine Act of 1920. It deals with cabotage (coastal shipping) and defines the rights of seamen who are hurt while working at sea. The Jones Act gives seamen legal avenues for seeking compensation if they are injured due to negligent actions (or inactions) performed by the shipowner, the captain, or any other member of the crew. Essentially, it extends seamen the same protection already afforded to railroad workers. Specifically, the act states that:

“Any sailor who shall suffer personal injury in the course of his employment may, at his election, maintain an action for damages at law, with the right to trial by jury, and in such action all statutes of the United States modifying or extending the common-law right or remedy in cases of personal injury to railway employees shall apply.”

Simply put, the Jones Act provides rights to injured seamen that international maritime law does not provide.

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